Epsom Bath Salt

Epsom salt - also known as bitter salt, or English salt, is a very mild, cleansing salt full of essential trace elements and minerals, that gently nourish the skin. The salt has a strong taste, kind of like pepper, and you immediately sense this type of salt is not drying out on the skin.

In the past Epsom salt has been used in pharmacology, in connection with digestive disorders, and in recent years it has become very popular to use the salt as a detoxing cure.

It is however, only recommended to use this salt for skin care purposes, as it contains dried mint and lavender.


Epsom baths og scrubs can be used for:  

  • leg cramps and restless legs mix 1 tbsp. salt and warm water in a bucket (if necessary, add a few drops of lavender oil for a more calming effect).
  • purifying effect add 2-3 tbsp. salt in a bathtub. If necessary, add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil.
  • body scrub mix 2 tbsp. salt with oil to get a mushy consistency. Scrub and rinse both face and body.
  • diuretic effect as foot bath - suitable for pregnant women and people with increased accumulation of fluids in the body and the legs.

Epsom salt is very effective for psoriasis and dry skin, as the salt is not drying out the skin, but adds important trace elements and minerals that will help normalizing the skin.