Essential lemon oil

Essential lemon oil is known to have an antibacterial and cleansing effect. Lemon oil is therefore suitable for oily / acne skin and for treating hormonal acne and medical acne.

You apply lemon oil by mixing it with one of your base oils. For treating the oily / acne skin type, we recommend adding lemon oil to SARD's argan oil.

Lemon oil is also suitable to clean rooms free of undesirable scents. This can be done by adding a few drops in a bowl or by using an aroma lamp. In addition, essential lemon oil can also be used as a natural flavor enhancer in both dressings, desserts and sweets. Last but not least, essential lemon oil can be used as a natural mosquito repellent by mixing it with a base oil.

As a therapeutic effect, the lemon oil works anti bacterial, deep cleansing and is recommended for oily / acne.

Lemon oil properties:

  • bacteriostatic
  • sebum regulating
  • firming
  • cleansing
  • can be used as natural mosquito repellent - remember to mix it with oil


Never use plain essential oils on the skin.

Add a few drops of essential oil in any skin care oil, to achieve some of the properties mentioned above. Approximately 10-15 drops of essential lemon oil to 100 ml. base oil