100% pure apricot kernel oil

100% pure apricot kernel oil increases the sebum production of the skin, and is the oil we recommend for dry and sensitive skin.

Apricot kernel oil is the thickest oil in SARDkopenhagen’s product line, and is high in natural vitamin A and vitamin E, which improves skin elasticity.

Apricot kernel oil is great for nourishing the skin and can reduce the skin discomfort some might experience during the winter. In this situation, we recommend apricot kernel oil as a serum under the Essential No. 7, or alone. It can be used on face and body. A highly nutritious and nourishing oil, especially for dry skin. If you suffer from nut allergies you can safely use the oil. All forms of eczema (including children’s eczema) has great benefits from this type of oil.


Apricot kernel oil can be used for:

  • very dry skin - mix (if desired) a small amount of apricot kernel oil in Essential No. 7 or your foundation.
  • ​serum under Essential No. 7 cream - or another prefered day cream
  • skin cleansing - the oil is massaged into the skin and wiped off with a damp cotton pad or a natural sponge. Follow by applying Facial Mist on a dampened cotton pad, and finally spray a bit of Facial Mist directly on face. Finish the routine by massaging apricot kernel oil into face and neck.
  • eye makeup remover - mix with Facial Mist on a dampened cotton pad to remove eye makeup, including waterproof mascara.
  • body oil for very dry and sensitive skin -  as oil therapy a few times a week.
  • children’s eczema, mild and caring and do not sting.
  • ​stretch marks due to the high content of vitamin A and vitamin E.


Add essential oils for massage therapy:

  • lemon oil for a refreshing and cleansing effect.
  • lavender oil for a relaxing effect.
  • ​peppermint oil for a warming and muscle relaxing effect.