100% pure sweet almond oil

100% pure, sweet almond oil for the dehydrated skin.

Sweet almond oil is squeezed from sweet edible almonds and is a gentle and wonderful oil. Sweet almond oil is the thinnest of SARDkopenhagen’s oils.

Sweet almond oil is high in the amino acid aminokine, which is a sugar. The sugar adds, binds and retains moisture in the skin, and is recommended for all forms of prevention or care for dry / dehydrated skin.


Sweet almond oil is recommended for:

  • serum under day and night cream for dehydrated skin, as it strengthens the skin's moisture production and has a smoothing effect.
  • serum under Essentielle No. 7.
  • shaving oil for the whole body - prevents razor bumps for both men and women.
  • hair removal massaged into skin before shaving - additionally spray with Facial Mist and apply sweet almond oil.
  • scalp problems such as cradle cap, psoriasis, dandruff eczema. Lubricate the scalp before bedtime, let it work overnight and wash out in the morning. Add shampoo directly to dry hair and rinse with water.
  • for intimate use suitable for dry and sensitive mucous membranes, prevents dryness of mucous membranes for women in menopause or women in medical or other treatments - e.g. chemotherapy.
  • dry mouth if necessary add a few drops of essential lemon oil.
  • in-shower massage the skin with the oil before the final rinse in the shower.
  • foot scrub mix almond oil with SARDkopenhagen’s Epsom salt and use the mixture as a salt scrub after a foot bath.


Add the essential oils for massage:

  • lemon oil for a refreshing and cleansing effect.
  • lavender oil for a relaxing effect.
  • peppermint oil for a heating and muscle relaxing effect.
  • bergamot oil for a cleansing and regulating effect.
  • ​rose geranium oil for a strengthening, soothing and moisturizing effect.