Detox Treatment - suction therapy

Cellulite - sagging tissue (swollen, dented, and sore) and with bad blood circulation due to accumulation of toxins in the connective tissue.

In the face, it will be reflected as loose, gray, lifeless and dull skin with a tendency to fluid retention around the eyes and the chin area. Especially in the morning, you can experience severe fluid retention.

A high acidic diet, too little or too much exercise and too little liquid intake, gives the body trouble separating the acids, which will deposit in the body instead. Drink plenty and be aware that a lot of your diet is converted to acids in the body during the process of combustion, also foods known as base diet.

To reduce the problems, you can treat the tissue using a firming oil and suction therapy cups.



Before you begin, apply plenty of oil on the area you want to treat. You can select the oil desired, but a good idea is to choose the most firming oils such as:



  • Cellulite Oil Therapy
  • Pure argan oil
  • Pure argan oil with essential lemon and peppermint oil added. Lemon oil works detoxifying and firming and peppermint oil heats the tissue, which increases combustion in the tissue.


HOW TO DO: Apply the suction cup on the skin and suck the air out of the cup. The suction cup is pulled in upward movements - towards the heart. Pull the suction cup in the same path 3-6 times until the skin is slightly red and you feel warmth spreading in the treated area.

Repeat all the way around the knees up to the groin. The same is done on the buttocks, hips, tummy and back of the arms. See link to the movie here.

It is difficult to make an effective detox treatment yourself all over the body, therefore it is recommended to periodically get a professional detox treatment at a clinic. See supplier list for clinics offering SARDKopenhagen’s suction therapy treatments.

The suction therapy cups are available in several sizes - Cup no. 2, 3 and 4 are recommended for the body.



Clean your face before treatment:

  • Apricot kernel oil mixed with Essential Rosen geranium
  • Argan oil mixed with lavender oil and SARD Facial Mist.
  • Follow by applying 100% Pure Argan oil.


HOW TO DO: Move the cup carefully horizontally on the neck, from the middle and out, and then from the chin up, about 3 times in each path. Move up along the nasolabial fold from the chin up to the nose. Around the eyes, move carefully from the nose and out to the temple. On the forehead you can both move the suction cup horizontally or vertically upwards. See link to the movie here.

The skin becomes red and warm and it gives the blood circulation a boost, which leads to lots of fresh oxygen and nourishment to skin cells and the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin. You can call it a natural "face-lift". The skin will effectively absorb the active ingredients from oil serum and day / night cream and the accumulation of fluids will be visibly smaller.

Cup no. 1 is recommended for the face, neck and chest.

Cleaning the cups
The glass cup is machine washable - but the "ball" must be hand washed or simply wiped clean.