Suction cup size 1

Face and neck

This small cup is suitable for face, neck and chest. A suction therapy treatment with this cup is performed daily, after cleansing in the evening.

Apply tightening argan oil and move the suction cup gently over the skin in upward movements on décolleté, neck and face. Under eyes the suction cup is moved in horizontal, outward movement (see the training video under video tab here on the site).

The treatment will boost the blood circulation and the skin cells so the elastin and collagen production will be significantly increased. The skin's waste gets separated and if you suffer from puffiness and dark circles in the eye area, this treatment will significantly improve and reduce swelling after only a few days of treatment.

When the blood circulation is at its highest, the skin will use and absorb the active substances from creams.

Leave out the suction treatment if you have telangiectases, the treatment however can still easily be used on the neck, chin, forehead and below the eyes.

Suction therapy is very effective on chin areas where the skin is starting to lose firmness.


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