Skin care treatments, also suitable for pregnant women and people with allergies

SARDkopenhagen’s clinical treatments are especially suitable for men and women with very sensitive skin, pregnant women, people with allergies or those who react negatively to traditional clinical products, and therefore cannot enjoy facial and body treatments.

With SARDkopenhagen we give you the opportunity to customize your own skin care program, with everything from cleaning to strengthening the skin, detoxing the body and the connective tissue. SARDkopenhagen is suitable for all skin types and needs, as well as anti-age care.

For clinical use, the clinic will customize a specific, mild treatment suitable for the customer needs.  



The key word is transparency and simplicity. The products are free of any synthetic ingredients like silicone, petrolatum, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Therefore the products are well tolerated by all. Regardless of skin type, age and needs.

Basically, all products are 100% pure. If you want a specific effect, add essential oils based on the desired effect and skin type. This means SARD's product line is 100% customizable. Many experience the products encourage the natural healing of the skin, and a soothing effect of different types of eczema.

The luxury oil, Argan oil, works anti-aging and is also very suitable for oily/acne skin. Here we always recommend a combination with essential oils for a better effect.

SARDkopenhagen's oils are non-greasy, because they are all pure vegetable oils. The oils have the same fatty acid composition as the organism, which makes the skin absorb the oils completely.

REMEMBER: Oils last for a long time, and is not used in the same amount as creams and lotions. If the skin is wet when the oil is applied, the oil will be absorbed immediately. You will quickly discover how healthy, elastic and vital the skin becomes.