Mary Magdalene

The Mary Magdalene line consists of products that are designed to be used in all types of therapeutic and aromatherapy work. The products are "high frequency" meaning, the products consists of pure, natural raw ingredients that are treated with gentleness and respect through all stages, until the finished product. All products contain vegetable and essential oils and plant parts, which ensures a very effective and active product.

In the modern everyday life where many people have experienced stress and illness in their own body, more people start to look "inward" using various self-help tools, such as meditation and yoga. These self-help tools have its origins far back in time, and it is known that they have been used both in old Egyptian and Chinese cultures.

From having lived for many years with conventional treatments and medications, it has become clear to many of us that it does not help much in the long run, there is something on a deeper level, and we need to take responsibility for our lives. As of this realization, many old therapy forms become relevant again, especially the Chinese and Ayurvedic treatment traditions.

In these traditions we see the body and soul as one. We have to understand that everything is dually. No light - without darkness. We "are" a large bundle of energy, which is connected to something greater than ourselves. Everything we send out comes back to us. If we are down with stress or illness, we can only change what has placed us in the situation by changing behavior and thought patterns. Experience has shown that there is much to be gained from just meditation and yoga - using tools such as breathing and concentration, puts us in touch with our highest potential and lead us to achieve a sense of better balance in life and a healthier body.


What does etheric mean?

Essential means "volatile" (easy in its form). The physical body is permeated by the etheric body and it shines 5-10 cm further from the body. They say the etheric body has no consciousness, but in return it has 7 major chakras - also called "energy fields". Energy flows between these fields directly related to the autonomic nervous system in the body where they, among other things, stimulates the development of hormones and other neurotransmitters that affect our physical body. One can therefore say that the etheric body "decides" how our body feels. This means that when there is a disease, one needs to dive into what kind of thoughts and behavior patterns we have before one is able to get rid of what "hurts".

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Essential oils

Remedies have been used for thousands of years, for supporting diseases and disorders, in particular, essential oils have been used as "drugs". Today we are more familiar with the use of essential oils in connection with aromatherapy, where people inhale various essential oils to affect the central nervous system.

Essential oils work in the physical and etheric body and in this way thry affect our energy flows in the body, like the oils have a physical effect on the skin.



Depending on what you want to work with: e.g. imbalances in the body or skin problems, you choose an essential oil to suit a specific chakra, or with a specific effect.

For an example: if one prefer a bacteriostatic effect, choose an essential oil, which has antibacterial properties, it could be lemon oil or lavender oil. If you need regulation of hormones rose geranium oil would be an obvious option. If it is imbalances in the body - rooted in the energy flowing into the chakras in the body - you choose an essential oil that relates to a specific chakra.

IMPORTANT: ensure the aroma therapist knows what he / she is dealing with, and what impact the specific oils have.

IMPORTANT: You should NEVER use essential oils undiluted directly on the skin or use them orally. Always use a carrier oil, to create a mixture.  

Mary Magdalene Oil and Balm

Mary Magdalene Oil and Balm is specially developed and can be used in its pure form (not diluted) for all therapeutic work. You can also choose to use Mary Magdalene Oil and Balm on the chakra where one experiences the imbalance clearly. This concentrate a higher energy and "relieve" the imbalance. The two products are developed based on the original "recipe" which was used 2,000 years ago by therapists at Alexandria. Back where Jesus and Mary Magdalene worked with the same type of energy work, that is now in newer time being welcomed.

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Welcome to the new age, old knowledge and science