Mild skin care products with more than one purpose

SARDkopenhagen’s product catalog is divided into five product lines:

Under each product line, you will find a detailed description of each product, tips on how to use the product as well as an ingredient list.
  • Basic - products in this line are completely clean with no scents added
  • Basic + - Products in this group are all with added scents
  • Essential - SARDkopenhagen’s luxury line
  • Detox products - products for detoxing the body and tightening the connective tissue
  • Essential oils - therapeutic oils for both internal and external use

SARDkopenhagen’s range of oils consists of natural, skin-friendly and mild vegetable oils. They can be used by all skin types and ages, including allergists, children and adults with sensitive skin. The oils will not clog the pores, but offer a fantastic glow, calms the skin and has a high and immediate effect.

SARDkopenhagen's oils can be used either alone or as a supplement to other skin care products.

All of the oils are very rich in natural vitamin A, C and E. The fatty acids in the oils are identical to the fatty acids found in the skin, and therefore the skin absorbs the oils as a natural part of itself. Oils also have a high content of amino acids that are essential for a good balance in the skin cells.

The eco-friendly PET bottles degrade into water by combustion. This means that by choosing the SARD product line, you are doing something good for the environment.

 – for your skin and your health's sake –



  • oils are best absorbed, when applied to damp skin. Dry your skin lightly after showering, use Facial Mist or spray Rose Water Elixir on the skin before applying the oil. The oil must be warmed between the palms of your hands before you apply it to the skin. By doing it this way, you use less oil and the oil is absorbed faster.
  • ​oils are the best for cleansing your skin daily, even if you have oily skin.
  • ​you can also use oils after hair removal. It prevents the small red and inflamed "shaving bumps", many women and men experience from hair removal and daily shaving.
  • ​when you apply body lotion / cream to the body, you typically use a handful cream per. application. When using oils, you only need a tenth part.