Lækre økologiske olier og salte argan frugten, argan olie
geder i argan træ, marokko

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Argan oil – more about

Argan oil is called the beauty oil and is the absolute oil-darling of our time

This oil contains all the essential fatty acids known, and is the richest natural source of antioxidants. Argan oil contains four times as much natural vitamin E as other vegetable oils and is thus highly cell renewal.

Within skincare, oil is the number one. It works sebum regulating and can therefore be used for all skin types, as it will reduce fat production for the oily skin type and increase fat production for the dry skin type.

As the oil is natural cell renewing it works firming on the skin and contractive on the pores of the skin. The oil is perfect as a "catalyst" for other active creams.

Argan oil gives a nicer healing of skin in connection to scars from acne outbreaks, post-surgery wounds, tattoos or for repairing radiation-damaged skin.


For a skin that has long-term damage from sunlight, one will find that the skin becomes nicer, more even and pigmentation will be less visible.

Always remember to use a good sunscreen when you stay in the sun. Choose SPF in relation to your photo type, where and how long you stay in the sun. Common sense is still the best remedy to prevent unnecessary sun damage.


There have been numerous studies about Argan oil in the recent years. You can find many published studies about Argan oil online, which show great effects for both the cancer, Alzheimer's, ADHD, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. In other words, it has been found that this oil is indispensable.


The history of argan oil

Argan oil comes from Morocco where the argan tree grows in larger areas in argan woods. The tree is called the "iron tree" as it is very hardy and is, among others, used for building construction.

Despite the fact that the tree lives in drought, it is able to produce some beautiful green fruits. Some has great pleasure of the fruits, and they are the country's goats! It's pretty special to see them balancing around in the trees where they eat these fruits with great delight. There is just one but, and that is that they can not digest the fruit stone and it therefore goes right through the intestinal system and out again!!

Fortunately, not all of the stones have to go through a goats intestinal system, before they are treated and used as beauty oil.

The Argan fruit is a very special fruit, as it beyond pulp also contains a small stone, which contains 2-3 small grains. These grains are pressed into a paste, from which the oil is extracted.

Today all argan production is Fair-trade. Female cooperatives in the country are in charge of the entire process from picking the fruits to squeezing, and the further production.

Fair-trade production has made many women have better living conditions and educational opportunities. Until a few years ago, many women in rural regions illiterate, but the development has now gone in a new direction, and thanks to the argan production many families have gotten better socio-economic conditions.

Argan oil has for centuries been an important ingredient in Moroccan cuisine, as well as in beauty care.

Moroccans use the oil for everything from cooking to beauty treatments, and in the recent years the cosmetic industry has become aware of this unique oil.