The picture – Mary Magdalene

The author and mystic Lars Muhl received a picture from a friend in 1983; philosopher John Engelbrecht, was able to report that it was "channeled" down by three clairvoyant monks and represented Mary, the virgin.

Later, just before Lars Muhl's book Mary Magdalene was being produced, Lars placed the picture on the last page of the book. He was convinced that the image of the equally looked like Mary Magdalene, but since he had no tangible proof, he placed it without giving details. The picture was a kind of distress signal.


Abstract from the book Grail by Lars Muhl

(Reprinted in part with permission from the author)

During a lecture in the Theosophical Society in Copenhagen, an approximately 60-year-old gentleman asked Lars the following questions:
You have brought this image in your new book with no title or explanation, from where do you have the picture and who is it?
The Lord himself could report that it was his mother who in 1960 brought home the image to Denmark and that it was channeled by three lucids. And the picture actually represented Mary Magdalene.

A week after the lecture the phone rang, it was the gentleman who told him that his mother was still alive and would like to meet him. The name was Sylvia. Lars received the address. Was it the same Sylvia, an English medium 23 years earlier had predicted Lars was going to meet, because Sylvia had something to tell Lars?

It turned out to be right. When Lars is visiting Sylvia, she says:

- It took you a long time - but better late than never. It's great to see you again.
And a little later, when they had cake and coffee.
- I have not yet read your books, but when my son showed me the picture of Mary Magdalene book, I was aware that the messenger, I've been waiting for in over 40 years would appear, has finally made themselves known. I was actually about to give up hope. The Board of Directors (the universe) know how often I have asked that you would show up. The Mary image has throughout acted as a kind of smoke signal.




With permission from the author and mystic Lars Muhl
the image of Mary Magdalene is used
in the Mary Magdalene Series graphic expression.
This has been given on the basis of Lars' deep commitment
in the genesis of the Mary Magdalene Oil and Balm.